September 20, 2018

About Us

The idea for our project was thought up by Zak, our Project Manager. He pictured having a company which could create custom graphical products such as logos or banner arts for people on request. Zak continued to pitch his idea to the rest of us, us being Jaden (Technical Services Manager), Megan Walker (Concept Design Manager and last but not least Dan (Graphic Design Manager). The four of us are good friends and understood how all of our skills combined could create something new and exciting for everyone to use.

We are all currently in Sixth Form and having this project not only gives us something to do in our free time but it also gives us the chance to start earning some money for the future. This project will be our hobby and if you lovely people are interested in what we have to offer, this project can become a full business we are all willing to build. Although Sixth Form requires lots of time and effort, we can personally guarantee that our content will be created with precision to make the best possible product for us to sell to our fantastic customers.